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Hello and welcome to Tabletop Talk, your one stop shop for community based news. Our team is made up of excited students from Clearview High School looking for a place to grow their skills, whether as web designers or writers. This project is near and dear to our hearts, so we hope you get something out of our little news source.

Goodbye, Tabletop Talk.

The Tabletop Talk Team
Thank You

Hello there, stranger! I regret to inform you that the team running this site have been forced to shut down. It’s been a very upsetting week for us here at ‘Tabletop Talk’ and it’s been quite hard for us to let go of a project we kept very dear to our hearts. But, if you’re a fan of the site - then don’t fear! We have managed to convince our school to let us keep up an archive of our old articles, proving we follow a few rules.

They have advised that we remove any mention of the school , students or geographical location from our articles, or that we switch them out for fake names to respect everyone’s privacy. We have had to remove a few articles entirely due to this, but it has also allowed us to post a few that we were initially told we couldn’t post.

We would also like to thank the school for their understanding in letting us preserve this project, both to safekeep a memory we deeply cherish and for the use in future resumes/university applications.

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